the world is speaking, calling my name, a call to battle, to action, to change, to play, to learn, to jump in, to SEE; a portal to another place, a magic place (will I go?)

when I hear the same song or word multiple times in a string of days, when I meet people who are messengers, unknowing agents of the call. she is eager to learn about a different form of healing, “this is alison. she gets it.” he asks would i be willing to do some counseling on the side? “she needs a strong pagan woman to talk to” (ha! i can be all things.) when three birds dance in the stormy sky, when the textbook says personal conflict and a threat to well-being can arise when the system in which i work does not share my deep personal values.

I say keep talking. I am listening. pull me out, draw me out, show me the way.


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