a walk in the woods today

I’m so glad I went into the woods today, never mind about other things I need to do, I need to do this thing first

Never mind about what drove me there, this thing about a steps competition for a work incentive, which, ugh…I find it all terribly defeats the enjoyment of the wanderings, but if it drove me to the forest all is well

So many new ferns growing out of trunks of dying trees, covered in moss, so many little trails all connecting to one another…I followed a little compulsion, a little impulsion (?) to see where they would lead, then backtracked to make sure the map = the territory (it did) I wanted to memorize the trails for later

I finally learned what native plant Salal looks like in its habitat. I learned to identify between Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Western Hemlock. I snipped a little piece of cedar leaf and rubbed it on my wrist, then placed it in my bra to warm it up so I could smell it later, the divine and sacred smell of breast-cedar

I wandered through the forest for approximately 3 hours and 5.3 miles, I walked 12,865 steps and apparently climbed 24 flights of stairs…ha! who really cares? Those are not the things that make me feel good

It is a shared trail with horses and I got to see some folks out for a walk on this lovely spring day, which I am so happy I spent outside. I feel blessed to have this park so close to home for days like this.

My mood was elevated for the rest of the day and I felt all of these affectionate feelings for hubby Shaun because he was so willing to get a vasectomy instead of making me go on birth control pills, years ago. The mind wanders its own trails too, when you let it go. I laughed at everything and felt a renewed hope about my work which allows me to have days off during the week when no one is out there.



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